7:00 to 8:30pm Fridays
means "keeping the company of the Truth." These programs include chanting and meditation and may also include a reading or quote from Gurumayi and speakers sharing their experience of Siddha Yoga.


9:05 - 10:10am
Shri Guru Gita is a beautiful, ancient hymn that honors the Guru and describes the Guru-disciple relationship. This scriptural text chant (swadhyaya) is sung daily in Siddha Yoga Meditation ashrams and many centers around the world. At the center it is sung every Sunday morning from 9:00-10:30 am, followed by a vegetarian brunch. Once each month before Shri Guru Gita, we sing the Morning Arati.

Once a month, during Amrit brunch, we contemplate and discuss the Siddha Yoga teachings.


Parents and children are always welcome at the center. We have an area set aside in the Amrit for our children with art supplies, and is connected to the hall via audio broadcast for all satsangs. Children may wish to bring their own toys. Children, with parents, are welcome in the hall for the chanting part of the satsang. Please insure that an adult is always with your children. Throughout the year special Family Satsangs are held to celebrate  Siddha Yoga holidays.


Guruseva is selfless service. It is an essential Siddha Yoga practice. True Guruseva is work performed with love and without desire for reward. Everything offered at the center happens through selfless service. Guruseva opportunities are always available and you are warmly invited to participate in this life-transforming spiritual practice. Please visit the center for more information.


A delicious vegetarian brunch is available every Sunday at 10:30am following Shri Guru Gita.

      Changes may occur to this calendar. The most up to date information is available through the community email list. You may also access our web site at www.symcsandiego.org.


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