The Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in San Diego has no paid staff and is completely self-supported by our community through financial offerings and seva, or selfless service.

To find out about available seva opportunities in our community, you can email our Seva Coordinator at, or you can stop by the Seva Table in the center's lobby after any program.  For more information about the practice of seva, click HERE

Our community's financial support makes it possible for us to offer weekly satsangs, Shaktipat Intensives, courses, retreats, study groups and other events to support your spiritual practice.  If you would like to mail a financial offering to help these events continue, see our contact page for our mailing address, or for your convenience, you can make a secure online donation through PayPal by clicking on the heart:


An ongoing pledge of financial support helps us forecast income and plan expenses.  If you would like to contribute monthly or some other ongoing interval, click HERE to download a Center Pledge Card and mail us your information.  Or for your convenience, you can set up a monthly pledge immediately by clicking on the above heart which offers several monthly donation plans that will automatically withdraw your pledge for you though a PayPal account.  Either way, please note that your pledge can be canceled at any time.

For other information about donating to the center, or if you would like to change your existing monthly pledge, please email the center's finance department at


The Vision of Siddha Yoga Meditation is:
"For everyone, everywhere to realize the presence of divinity in themselves and creation,
the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of supreme bliss.

The Mission of Siddha Yoga Meditation is:
 "To constantly impart the knowledge of the Self."

To support this vision and mission, many Siddha Yoga students dedicate a year or more to offer their expertise and skills in full-time seva with the SYDA Foundation. Others offer seva for shorter periods of time, based on available seva projects. In these ways, Siddha Yoga students contribute to the SYDA Foundation’s purpose to protect, preserve, and disseminate the Siddha Yoga teachings.  For available opportunities & additional information, click HERE.

The practice of offering to our spiritual path from our own wealth or earnings is called Dakshina in Siddha Yoga. Through this offering of love, we support the global mission and express our desire to uplift humanity.  To learn more about giving to the Siddha Yoga mission, click HERE.


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